Community Update: October 2015

It's an exciting time with lots of possibilities. We're working to bring North Durham a quality mixed use development consisting of a grocery store with a pharmacy, single family homes, town homes and local shops and restaurants.

The project is in the very early stages. Our first meeting in August was a good way for us to share high level ideas, gain initial feedback and answer questions. Those in attendance (who signed up) received an email update. Much of the update is on the current FAQ page.

We've developed this website to increase the frequency of communications and improve transparency with the public by creating a place to come between meetings for answers and updates.

There are a lot of logistics involved and we want to make sure that in our next community meeting we have more details than in August. Currently we are planning a meeting for Nov. 19th. Check the calendar page for details.  

I encourage you to attend the next community discussion to learn more and share your thoughts.  

We commit to keep residents informed through regular meetings, updating this website and sending regular email.

I look forward to working with you.
Patrick Byker
Morningstar Law Group