I love the environment and Publix too!

I’ve lived in Northern Durham for over 15 years and enjoy being close to wonderful natural resources like Little River Park and West Point on the Eno. You can find me floating down the Eno two times a week when the weather is right.

West Point on the Eno

West Point on the Eno

My concern for the environment and other reasons like traffic and quality of stores motivated me to do some research and reach out for answers. To my surprise I received an email in less than 24 hours from Patrick at Morningstar Law Group. Many of my questions were answered and for the ones that could not be answered, he was honest about it.

Unfortunately, I missed the first community meeting,  so the email exchange continued and eventually I met Patrick and Steve for lunch to learn more. To my surprise the two were very approachable and friendly. Honest and upfront with stating what were the facts and what things continued to be up in the air. They were willing to show me the plans and honest about the challenges ahead.

I continued online research reading reports and conversations on Bull City Rising, Next Door.com, Facebook and where ever else Google took me. In the end I concluded that the project team is planning a quality development and if all goes well we will have a quality grocery store to Northern Durham.

While I feel positive about this project, it’s clear many are on the fence and a handful have loudly raised opposition against it. That’s why I feel it’s important the community has an opportunity to access the most accurate information available and get updates often. I explained to Patrick and Steve that I felt like some had the perception that the project team was not communicating clearly and the void was being filled by rumors and speculation. The project team is very aware of the importance to be transparent and communicate to the community and that is why they asked me to help them develop this website as a resource and hub for the community to go.

I hope you find the site helpful and I will work with the project team to post as much information as possible. Sign up for email alerts or reach out to the project team using the contact form.

See you on the river and maybe at Publix one day…
James LaCorte
Dover Ridge Neighbor