Rezoning application submitted this week.

NOTE: The Traffic Impact Analysis document was added to this post on 1/29/2015.

Our team submitted its rezoning application for a mixed use development on Monday along with the Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA).  The development plan will be reviewed by the City of Durham and the TIA will be reviewed by the City and NCDOT. 

Traffic is an important factor to consider for the community, so we will add the traffic improvements required by the City and NCDOT after their review is completed. 

We expect the TIA review to take at least a few months, and that will be concurrent with the review of the development plan. Accordingly, it will be springtime before the development plan is ready to be reviewed with the Planning Commission.

We will continue to provide updates and wish all of you a happy, safe holiday season, and a prosperous 2016.

The North River Village development team.