Cimarron Homes Vision For North River Village

Last month the developers submitted the rezoning application to the city.  While we wait for the city to review the application, I thought it would be a good idea to share Craig Morrison’s vision for the Cimarron Homes portion of the Mixed Use Development.

One thing for sure, anyone that knows Craig, has nothing but positive things to say about him and the quality of his homes. After reading this, I think you will agree.


Tell us about your company.

Cimarron Homes was founded in 1982. We had a vision to construct quality homes packed with lots of features, while keeping the environment and energy efficiency as a priority and offering the homes at a reasonable price. I think we continue to deliver on this commitment and we are proud of that fact. 

To date we have built over 3,500 homes and won many prestigious awards. I am also proud that the homes we build are NGBS Green and Energy Star Certified (only a few homebuilders in NC can make this claim). Our company offers green and energy efficient homes at affordable prices.

What types of homes do you build?

Throughout the Triangle, we not only develop quality neighborhoods, but also offer our customers unique opportunities to build on their own lot. We also offer basement homes, first-floor master suites and accessible homes designed for our customer’s special needs. We offer flexibility to give customers a home that not only meets their needs, but something that they can be proud of for a long time to come.

To see the types of homes and communities we build visit our website.

Why are you interested in being part of North River Village? 

Our company has built homes for over 30 years and the majority of these 3,500+ homes were built in Northern Durham.  Over the last 10 years, we have not seen as many opportunities for quality developments in Northern Durham.  So, when we heard about this Mixed Use Development opportunity we were excited to be part of the vision to create a walkable community.  I live within a mile of this location so you might say it is in my backyard.

How does North Durham benefit from a Mixed Use Development on Guess and Latta Road?

There have not been enough walkable residential neighborhoods in Northern Durham; we get requests from people for this kind of location and type of neighborhood quite often, but have been unable to locate the right property. I believe there is unmet demand for a Mixed Use Development and this location is the right spot.

What is your vision for the homes in this location?

Our current thinking is a combination of single family detached and patio homes with a cottage/craftsman style look. The size of the homes will range from 1,600 to 2,800 sq. ft. with 2-4 bedrooms and 1-2 car garages. Our goal would be to have as many “master down” plans as possible with many move-up amenities like granite counter tops, ceramic baths and hardwood floors. As we do with all of our homes we build, we will build to the “Energy Star” and “NGBS Green” certification. 

What are the benefits of living in this Mixed Use Development?

The most obvious benefit of a Mixed Use Development is walkability and convenience. With such a large percentage of our population being “baby boomers”, the need/desire for convenient services is very important. This location is 5 miles from Duke Medical Center and Duke University. They provide 30,000+ jobs and of course are nationally recognized Medical Care facilities.

Will there be walking paths or sidewalks?

There will be sidewalks through the neighborhood connecting to the adjoining grocery, restaurants or other stores.

What is the expected home value and appreciation for these homes?

We expect the average home starting price in North River Village to be around $200,000.

There has been a lot of data produced that shows the pace of sales and value of homes are much better in walkable, mixed use communities than in other communities. This means homes in North River Village will increase in value over the long run as well.

How can people learn more?

We are in the very early stages of this project. However, if people would like more information about this specific project, they should use the “contact us” form on this website and someone on my team will get back to them within a few days.